The Tube | Seph & Evie

It was another typical morning, waking up with a pounding head ache and runny nose. Seph’s long, blonde hair hung down her neck as a tangled mess in what seemed like what was once a beautifully done braid. The sunrise brought with it a a haze of fog that seemed to envelop London in every crevice. Thankful for another day lacking the bright sunlight, she still felt the burning pain behind her eyes. Walking home seemed an impossible task right now, especially without much sleep. The bus was not an option. The idea of having to sit next to another talkative old man with rotting teeth and awful breath made Seph want to vomit the bile sitting at the bottom of her stomach.

The Tube, the ever efficient underground transportation system albeit confusing sounded like the best idea. She had only taken it a few times before, but since she wasn’t in any hurry anywhere getting lost didn’t seem like too bad of an incident. Most people were too occupied to try and befriend anyone there. Even if they tried, at least she would be in the dark. And to be honest, she couldn’t tell how far away from home she was this time. Sighing to herself, and trying not to regret another night of her actions Seph descended down the stairs into the nearest transport station. Bustling with all kinds of rushing people, she stood out as she patiently made her way through the motions of getting access. The automatic ticket machine buzzed as she entered her money and spit out in a matter of milliseconds the paper ticket.

The static announcement of the next train coming in for passengers boomed through the speaker system and echoed throughout the cement underground. Not bothering to pay attention, Seph followed the rush of people in through the electric doors. With a swoosh they shut immediately behind her followed by the double beep signaling the start of the run. Seph’s eyes fluttered, the overstimulation of people flustering her focus. She saw an emptier carriage to her right and began to push past the people standing. “Excuse me,” she seemed to say over and over, her voice growing with agitation the more she said it. Finally after what seemed like an entire block of people, she reached the entrance to the next car. 

Taking a peek in she noticed that everyone, save for a few people had managed to find themselves a seat. It was much more peaceful in there… but she spoke too soon. 

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